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BUY NOTHING DAY is 11/23 [21 Nov 2007|10:14am]
[ mood | working ]



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stupid shit, posted to last.fm as well for shits n' giggles [26 Sep 2007|10:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so tim, phil, and i got collectively drunk on a few occasions this week and recorded some funny/bad music in the vein of a.c. and the like. i've decided to call it devilgrass weedeater because it's dumb, and no one else has decided to use that name yet for a grind/parody project probably because of that sole fact.

we could've came up with some better lyrics, but as i mentioned before we were drunk. :)

i've uploaded a few of these gems for the few people i associate myself with on here, hope they give you a big LOLZ in the butt.

p.s.- you'll have to click the link to download from megashares, and the link is about halfway down to the bottom of the page... and they are .wav format, so fuck me.



AIDS (the first time)


in the shadows ov the roast beef hall

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[13 Sep 2007|09:48pm]
how does one escape the grips of everyday mediocrity?

fuck it, i'm going to sleep.
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[11 Sep 2007|06:21pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

all trendiness aside, i have canceled my myspace account, for all who might care.

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[07 Aug 2007|12:28am]
wow, this conveiniently comes out a day before my birthday...

metalocalypse - season one \m/
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